Lyrics and melody by Lisa Dickson, music by Nathan Dickson

Tears fall down (12/31/00, Take 7)

Tears fall down (12/30/00, Take 6)

Singing to you (1/1/00, Unfinished)

Songs written to Lisa by Nathan

Hold on to my lovin’ (1/13/00, Take 1)

Two become one (12/17/00, Take 1)

Lisa (3/24/00, Take 1)

I say goodbye (4/26/01, Take 2)

Cover tune performed by Lisa and Nathan at their wedding ceremony

Into your hands (6/27/00)

(originally from “At the Foot of the Cross” compilation CD)

A very silly recording of the Dickson family (Lisa, Nathan, Rachel & Carly) one week before the wedding.

Eating ice cream (06/25/00)