On a Saturday morning of November, 1999 I visited Radio U, a local Christian radio station, and gave my testimony on air.

One thing I should point out about this interview is that a friend of mine taped it on a boom box at work, from which these MP3 were created. Unfortunately, something weird happened about halfway through the taping and the sound quality got somewhat poor. Nathan, my husband, has tried to repair some of the damage and it is very listenable. Remember, the content of the testimony is what’s important, not necessarily the fidelity of the recording.

If you would like to hear my testimony as it originally aired, select one of the two links below. The first link will give you a smaller file (about 3.4 megabytes), but it is not as high in quality as the second file (about 10.3 megabytes. They are both MP3 files, so any MP3 player should be able to give them a good listen. Each plays for 30 minutes.

Lisa’s Testimony (Draft Quality)

Lisa’s Testimony (High Quality)